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The group


The DNA of the group Next-U Education is based on three pillars founders, which comprised the philosophy of education in its schools.

In 100% of the Campus and of the group's Brands, the digital is a central concern of the pedagogy.
In the teaching methodology such as in programs,
the digital is at the heart of the device. Through education, cloud-based available a la carte or through a real living language digital, as the common core of all curricula.

Because we believe that mobility is a factor of employability significant, all of the students, are all the age of departures successive regular..
The group Next-U is made up today of four Campuses in France,
et de huit implantations internationales : Boston, Dublin, Montréal, Toronto, Singapour, Lisbonne, Séoul et Barcelone.

To reconcile the learning of theoretical knowledge with practice to serve the enterprise market : this is the credo of the pedagogy Next-U.
The goal is to prepare our students for a profession to train the technical skills most in demand. The result ? Stand out and become a(e) graduate(e), recognized(e) for his technical skills based on a general culture to adapt to a changing world.

Whatever his school, a student in the group Next-U is immersed in a veritable incubator of varied skills, including the common characteristics are the digital, international and professionalization.

Implantation national...

Campus of Paris

Campus Lille

Campus de Lyon

Campus Bordeaux

but also internationally.

Learning Expedition in Barcelona, Spain.

Learning Expedition in Singapore.

Learning Expedition à Cape Town, Afrique du Sud.

Learning Expedition in Toronto, Canada.

Learning Expedition in Montreal, Canada.

Learning Expedition in San Francisco, United States.

Learning Expedition in Dublin, Ireland.

Learning Expedition to Lisbon, Portugal.

Learning Expedition en Amérique latine.

Our brands

The signs Next-U are a collection of separate worlds but coherent in their way of preparing for the employability of the students. Rooted in the needs expressed by businesses, schools operate each regular monitoring in the analysis of emerging skills.

The Group Next-U was at the heart of open successively to schools that meet the skills needs in tension. 

The universe of teaching covered are the following :

The E-Commerce and the Management Digital.

The Development of technology & computer science.

The Management-specialized and sectoral level.

Sustainable Tourism and Adventure international.

The Commercialization and marketing of wines and spirits international.


The network of former students is now +1000 alumni around the world. From San Francisco to Montreal, passing through Hong Kong , the graduates of our schools are a real force on which the current students can also count. Entrepreneurs, executives or experts , all former students now comprise alone a real professional network as varied as the universe of their learning history.

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graduate students
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business partners
What they have become.
The Good Company
Schneider Electric
Credit Agricole

THE PARTNERS of the network next-u group

Academic POLICY

The mission of the group Next-U is to deliver on the labour market of the relevant individuals appreciated by companies.

Our academic policy must achieve with excellence this mission.
First of all, we regularly collect the development of the competencies expected by the companies and we evolve our programs accordingly.

Then, in order to ensure the transfer of skills to our students in the best way, we complete the academic courses by devices of alternating whenever it is possible.

In school, the pedagogical devices want to be innovative and ensure the transfer of knowledge optimized, in companies immersion operational transforms the knowledge into the know-how.

The learning experience for these two aspects becomes effective and exhilarating.

In the end, after 5 years of study, the complementarity of the two devices for learning allows students to eventually become of young graduates with experience.